Genealogical Research Guide for Martinique

Guide recherche de généalogique en Martinique

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Many of you want to know more about your family’s history, but it’s not always easy to know where to start your genealogy. If you read French, I propose to you today to dwell on a genealogical research guide, published by the Territorial Archives of Martinique, available online and which deserves to be better known. If, like me, a part of your ancestors lived in Martinique, this guide could help you get started in the exciting discovery of your French roots.

I have not yet found an online equivalent for Guadeloupe and French Guyana. There are necessarily divergences between the territories, but this guide can probably serve as the first research track to be applied in these other spaces.

The guide presents different sources that can enable you to reconstruct your tree and discover key information about the life of your ancestors that they were slaves, freed, free, white, black or Indian… It also informs about the shortcomings , the unrecovered or lost sources which, unfortunately, sometimes slow us down in our research.

Discover all the richness of the digitised sources that are accessible on the web: registers of civil status, registers of individuality, registers of military recruitment … You can thus start a family tree from your computer!

In other posts, I will give you more details about each source, the information it contains and how to conduct your genealogical research to find out about your family.

Download the guide on Banque numérique des patrimoines martiniquais (Digital Bank of the Martinique Heritage).


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