Heritage Notebooks « Les Cahiers du patrimoine » of Martinique

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I am currently preparing a short workshop on knowledge of Martinique’s heritage for people who are or will be working in the tourism sector so that they can share and enhance our heritage. This led me to think about the resources that could be useful to them and it was quite naturally that I thought of a French revue « Cahiers du patrimoine« . I appreciate their approach between history, heritage and culture and I like the illustrations contained in some issues, especially on craftsmanship and architecture. But then, when I wanted to find a complete list of numbers, I realized that it was really badly referenced! So in case, like me, you might find it useful to know the themes of each issue, I am sharing today the list I made with, as a bonus, when I could find them, the covers of each issue.

List of the different issues of the journal Cahiers du patrimoine of Martinique

  • Hors-série – Spécial révolution 1789 (1989) [Special (French) revolution]
  • N°1 – Taxi pays (1988) [Cab country]
  • N°2 – La mer I (1988) [The Sea]
  • N°3 – La mer II (1989)
  • N°4 – Bijoux créoles (1989) [Creole Jewellery]
  • N°5 – Les églises (1989) [Churches]
  • N°6 – Traditions & Coutumes (1989) [Traditions & Custom]
  • N°7 & 8 – Artisanat & petits métiers (1990) [Crafts & small trades]
  • N°9 – Fort-de-France dans les années 30 I (1990) [Fort-de-France in the 1930s]
  • N°10 – Fort-de-France dans les années 30 II (1990)
  • N°11 & 12 – Saint-Pierre 1635-1902 (1991)
  • N°13 & 14 – 1492 la double découverte Amérique/Antilles (1993) [1492 the double discovery America/Caribbean]
  • N°15 & 16 – Mobilier créole (1997) [Creole Furniture]
  • N°17 & 18 – Esclavages 1, de l’Antiquité à la veille de la Révolution de 1789 (2000) [Slavery 1, from Antiquity to the eve of the 1789 Revolution]
  • N°19 & 20 – Esclavages 2, de la révolution de 1789 à la libération de 1848 (2005)*  Slavery 2, from the 1789 revolution to the liberation of 1848 (2005)*]
  • N°21 & 22 – Esclavages 3 (2007)*
  • N°23 & 24 – Le Carnaval : sources, tradition, modernité (2007)* [Le Carnaval: sources, tradition, modernity]
  • N°25 – L’eau en Martinique (2008) [Water in Martinique]
  • N°26 – Noms de lieux de Martinique (2008) [Names of places in Martinique]
  • N°27 – Révoltes et luttes sociales en Martinique (2009)* [Uprisings and social struggles in Martinique]
  • N°28 – Aux sources de la Gastronomie Martiniquaise (2009) [At the roots of Martiniquan Gastronomy]
  • N°29 – Hommes et femmes célèbres et figures populaires de la Martinique (2010) [Famous men and women and popular figures of Martinique]
  • N°30 – Aux sources de la musique martiniquaise (2017) [At the roots of Martinican music ]
  • N°31 – La musique martiniquaise et la modernité (2018) [Martinican music and modernity]
  • N°32 – Plantes et jardins de la Martinique (2019)*[Plants and gardens of Martinique

I haven’t found the covers for the numbers followed by an asterisk[*] yet. 😉

All these books provide a better understanding of the history and heritage of Martinique. Some titles are out of stock and the points of sale are not always easy to find, but you will find a good part of them in the Martinique library networks and in particular in the Schoelcher library in Fort-de-France.

In a totally subjective way, among the numbers I have read my favorites are for the n°1 on Taxis-pays, the n°4 on jewellery, the n°9 and n°10 on Fort-de-France in the 30s and the n°15 & 16 on furniture. Which ones have you read? What are your favorite numbers?

Updated: 27/02/2020
Adding cover image

Updated: 26/09/2022
I regularly receive calls or messages to get this magazine.
I invite you to contact the Bureau du patrimoine, which is located at the same place as the Musée d’histoire et d’ethnographie de Fort-de-France (05 96 72 81 87), because it is the Bureau du patrimoine that publishes these notebooks. (https://www.collectivitedemartinique.mq/musee-histoire-et-ethnographie/). They will be able to tell you if they still have them for sale and where you can get them.

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