Père Labat Recipes # 3 The Pimentade (sauce-chien)

tanlistwa, piment, pimentade, sauce-chien

Today, I propose you to see the pimentade, whose heir is a classic of our seasonings in the French Caribbean, today called sauce-chien [dog-sauce].

Des vies de combat – Femmes, noires et libres by Audrey Celestine

tanlistwa, couverture du livre, des vies de combat, Femmes noires et libres, Audrey Célestine

I found a little gem. I'm talking to you today about Des vies de combat — Femmes, noires et libres [Lives of Struggle - Women, Black and Free] by associate professor Audrey Celestine.

Père Labat Recipes # 1 Food and Fasting

tanlistwa, Menu de maigre et ustensiles de cuisine par Jean Siméon Chardin, 1731, peinture à l'huile

Today, since we are in the season of Lent, I propose paradoxically - Labat being rather a worshipper of good food - to start this series on the question of fasting. On the menu: manatee, iguana, diablotin, coffee, tea and chocolate.

Bumidom Story : Péyi an nou of Jessica Oublié and Marie-Ange Rousseau

Tanlistwa, couverture de la bande dessiné, Péyi an nou, représentant une plage des Antilles avec des traces de pas, la mer bleue lisse et en fond comme émergeant à l'horizon de la brume telle une île lointaine la ville de Paris en gris symbolisé par la tour Eiffel et l'arc de triomphe.

today, I'm talking to you about comics and French nugget: Péyi an nou, which tells the story of Bumidom and the movement of thousands of French Caribbean people to hexagonal France between 1963 and 1982..

A Reading of the Slave Registers by the African Ancestral Tradition… [Une lecture du registre matricule des esclaves par la tradition ancestrale africaine…] by Y. Corcessin et B. Dossa

tanlistwa, Une lecture du registre matricule des esclaves par la tradition ancestrale africaine, Corcession, Dossa

A reading of the slave registry by the African ancestral tradition... a book to reconstruct a genealogy with slave ancestors and rebuild the link with Africa.

The Sea Maroons [Les Marrons de la mer] of Georges B. Mauvois

"The Sea Maroons", a poetic expression for sometimes tragic destinies: those of men and women who fled slavery by taking the path of water. Today, I am talking to you about maroonage and in particular the French book Les Marrons de la mer, escapes of slaves from Martinique to the Caribbean islands (1833-1848).

La mulâtresse Solitude Between History and Literature

tanlistwa, Statue, La mulâtresse Solitude, Jacky Poulier

This year, I fell in love with André Schwarz-Bart's novel La mulâtresse Solitude. Today, I am talking to you about the Guadeloupean Solitude, a symbol of women's struggle for freedom between history and literature....