Bumidom Story : Péyi an nou of Jessica Oublié and Marie-Ange Rousseau

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today, I'm talking to you about comics and French nugget: Péyi an nou, which tells the story of Bumidom and the movement of thousands of French Caribbean people to hexagonal France between 1963 and 1982..

Heritage Notebooks « Les Cahiers du patrimoine » of Martinique

 Reading time: around 2 minutes.  –> Lire la version française de cet article  I am currently preparing a short workshop on knowledge of Martinique's heritage for people who are or will be working in the tourism sector so that they can share and enhance our heritage. This led me to think about the resources that … Continuer la lecture de Heritage Notebooks « Les Cahiers du patrimoine » of Martinique

Delgrès from History to Music: (Mwen Pwéféré) Mo Jodi !

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Today, I would like to summarize the history of an emblematic figure in the tragic struggle against the restoration of slavery in Guadeloupe: Louis Delgrès. Then I take this opportunity to introduce you to Delgrès, the musical trio.