Vayaboury (v. 1839-18..)

In 2017, a geneatheme proposed to write 100 words for a lifetime [100 mots pour une vie] of our ancestors. I had liked this principle which gives the opportunity to share genealogical research by making a brief family portrait; I then introduced Pierre-Louis Jean Louis Cicine, the ancestor whose name I bear. This time I propose to tell you about Vayaboury, my ancestor who came from India.


Born around 1839, Vayaboury is my ancestor from India. Like thousands of others, he travelled halfway around the world on a long and difficult journey to replace black enslaved people in the fields after the abolitions of slavery in the Caribbean. Vayaboury arrived as a « committed » Indian in Martinique before 1871, the year his son Louis was born, whom he had with his young partner Pajamaye (born around 1854) on the Durocher plantation in Le Lamentin. Then came Juliette (1874) and Auguste (1877) who survived only a few months. In 1905, their granddaughter Albertine Emilie Vayaboury, my great-grandmother, who married Joseph Emmanuel Pierre-Louis, was born on this same house.

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