Baptiste, « Noir du Domaine »[Black of the Domain], serving the hospital pharmacy

tanlistwa, courrier, ordonnateur, Baptiste, 1829

Today, I am gathering the elements of the life of Baptiste, an enslaved infirm "old negro" in 1833, who was formerly an apothecary.

Marie Françoise Rose Le Chevalier de Longueil, married at 11 years and 18 days

tanlistwa, Mariage de Louis de France, duc de Bourgogne, et de Marie-Adélaïde de Savoie

I don't know where to start. How do you find a sympathetic catchphrase to tell the story of an 11-year-old's girl marriage? Today, with a knot in my stomach, I tell you about Marie Françoise Rose.

Des vies de combat – Femmes, noires et libres by Audrey Celestine

tanlistwa, couverture du livre, des vies de combat, Femmes noires et libres, Audrey Célestine

I found a little gem. I'm talking to you today about Des vies de combat — Femmes, noires et libres [Lives of Struggle - Women, Black and Free] by associate professor Audrey Celestine.

The Trial of Emilie (1776-1806) in 1806

tanlistwa, 1880, ancienne cuisine de La Pagerie, Trois-Ilets, Martinique

Today, I wanted to share a singular story about the Domaine de La Pagerie: the trial in June 1806 of Émilie, enslaved, for attempted poisoning of his mistress.

Marie-Rose Sequiera #2 The Social Rise of a Woman of Colour in French Guiana in the 18th Century

tanlistwa, Guyane, French Guyana

Two different sources that evoked the same colored woman in Cayenne? That was enough for me to wonder who was that charitable woman who had marked these men. Today, I am continuing the portrait of Marie-Rose or the social rise of a woman of colour in French Guiana in the 18th century.

Marie-Rose Sequiera #1 The Benefactress of the Deportees of the 18 Fructidor of Year V (1797)

tanlistwa, Marie-Rose Sequiera, Jean-Pierre Ramel, déportés

Two different sources that evoked the same colored woman in Cayenne? That was enough for me to wonder who was that charitable woman who had marked these men. Today, I paint a portrait of Marie-Rose, a rich French Guyanese and a benefactor for the deportees, but not only!

La mulâtresse Solitude Between History and Literature

tanlistwa, Statue, La mulâtresse Solitude, Jacky Poulier

This year, I fell in love with André Schwarz-Bart's novel La mulâtresse Solitude. Today, I am talking to you about the Guadeloupean Solitude, a symbol of women's struggle for freedom between history and literature....

Delgrès from History to Music: (Mwen Pwéféré) Mo Jodi !

tanlistwa, delgrès, mémorial, album cover

Today, I would like to summarize the history of an emblematic figure in the tragic struggle against the restoration of slavery in Guadeloupe: Louis Delgrès. Then I take this opportunity to introduce you to Delgrès, the musical trio.

André dit Lucidor (v. 1718-1771), a Life between 3 Continents

Tanlistwa, épéiste, maitre d'arme, fencer

After the portrait of his daughter Marie-Thérèse, I speak to you today of André dit Lucidor (c. 1718-1771) born in Africa, slave in Martinique and swordsmanship in Paris.

Marie Rose Cavelan and the Fedon’s Rebellion

Plan île de la grenade, Map Grenada Island

Today, I speak to you of Marie Rose Cavelan Fedon involved in one of the most important rebellions that the island of Grenada experienced in 1795-1796. But her story begins long before that!

A military Portrait, « mon Capitaine »!

The registers of military recruitment indicate the identity and service records of recruits, but imagine my surprise when I found one of the few records with a photograph!

Joseph Mosneron and « The Black Gold »

Joseph Mosneson, Or Noir, Black Gold

"L'Or Noir", a documentary tracing the history of the Atlantic slave trade in the last third of the eighteenth century, from the account of the shipowner Joseph Mosneron of Nantes.