Parcours contrastés des abolitionnistes Cyrille Bissette et Victor Schoelcher by Léo Ursulet

tanlistwa, Parcours contrastés des abolitionnistes Cyrille Bissette et Victor Schoelcher, Léo Ursulet, 2022

So today I'm talking about a new book Parcours contrastés des abolitionnistes Cyrille Bissette et Victor Schoelcher by Léo Ursulet, which recounts the parallel paths of the two important figures in the anti-slavery struggle in France in the first half of the 19th century.

Baptiste, « Noir du Domaine »[Black of the Domain], serving the hospital pharmacy

tanlistwa, courrier, ordonnateur, Baptiste, 1829

Today, I am gathering the elements of the life of Baptiste, an enslaved infirm "old negro" in 1833, who was formerly an apothecary.

Des vies de combat – Femmes, noires et libres by Audrey Celestine

tanlistwa, couverture du livre, des vies de combat, Femmes noires et libres, Audrey Célestine

I found a little gem. I'm talking to you today about Des vies de combat — Femmes, noires et libres [Lives of Struggle - Women, Black and Free] by associate professor Audrey Celestine.

[on Symbole amitié] Database « Minutes notariales de Saint-Pierre »

Today, I present you the database "Minutes notariales de Saint-Pierre", a new resource very useful for researchers and full of perspectives for genealogy.

The Trial of Emilie (1776-1806) in 1806

tanlistwa, 1880, ancienne cuisine de La Pagerie, Trois-Ilets, Martinique

Today, I wanted to share a singular story about the Domaine de La Pagerie: the trial in June 1806 of Émilie, enslaved, for attempted poisoning of his mistress.

French Prejudice of Colour #6/6 In The Lives of People

tanlistwa, peinture,représentant Joseph, portrait de trois-quart, son regard semble perdu au loin, il porte une chemise blanche surmontée d'une verste bleur avec épaulette rouge

Today, I would like to share with you some excerpts from archives that touched me, as glimpses into the lives of free people of colour and the weight of colour prejudice for them.

French Prejudice of Colour #4/6 Its Legal Expression (b)

tanlistwa, peinture,en forme de médaillon, portrait de trois-quart d'un jeune homme noir portant une boucle d'oreille en or

Today, I'm going to talk to you about the various measures taken against free people of colour who coerced them in their daily lives.

The repeal of the prejudice of colour in the 1830s

tanlistwa, à gauche il y a un détail de la peinture la famille métisse de Le Mazurier, à droite une page d'u journal officiel déclarant l'abrogation du préjugé de couleur.

Today, I talk to you about the legal prejudice of colour, but above all about its removal; because with it, it is my subject of study that disappears from official documents!

One word, one story : Chabin, Chabine

Tanlistwa, photographie en noir et blanc d'une jeune martiniquaise en costume local (jupon blanc, robe à motif, coiffe madras à trois pointe, collier et boucle d'oreilles) debout dans un jardin, souriante

Today, I am talking to you about the words chabin, chabine, which, in our vocabulary in the Antilles, refers to a person who as very light complexion, but whose phenotypic features are reminiscent of a African person.

Industrial heritage: the dry dock of Fort-de-France

tanlistwa, bassin de radoub, Fort-de-France, Drydock, Martinique

The JEP2019 were the opportunity to discover the Fort-de-France dry dock, an essential reception area for the construction, maintenance and repair of ships, it is now classified as a historical monument.

A Reading of the Slave Registers by the African Ancestral Tradition… [Une lecture du registre matricule des esclaves par la tradition ancestrale africaine…] by Y. Corcessin et B. Dossa

tanlistwa, Une lecture du registre matricule des esclaves par la tradition ancestrale africaine, Corcession, Dossa

A reading of the slave registry by the African ancestral tradition... a book to reconstruct a genealogy with slave ancestors and rebuild the link with Africa.

Being a Family between Freedom and Slavery

tanlistwa, marché, Saint-Pierre, market,Le Mazurier

Today, I will talk to you about strategies that people of colour have put in place to keep free and enslaved members of the same family united despite the legal constraints of the slavery and colonial system.

The Sea Maroons [Les Marrons de la mer] of Georges B. Mauvois

"The Sea Maroons", a poetic expression for sometimes tragic destinies: those of men and women who fled slavery by taking the path of water. Today, I am talking to you about maroonage and in particular the French book Les Marrons de la mer, escapes of slaves from Martinique to the Caribbean islands (1833-1848).

La mulâtresse Solitude Between History and Literature

tanlistwa, Statue, La mulâtresse Solitude, Jacky Poulier

This year, I fell in love with André Schwarz-Bart's novel La mulâtresse Solitude. Today, I am talking to you about the Guadeloupean Solitude, a symbol of women's struggle for freedom between history and literature....