Women of Martinique: What (His)story?

Femmes de la Martinique quelle histoire? Women of Martinique which (his)story?

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I could have written a little story about women’s struggles for their rights, but I completely missed the boat! For the occasion, I would like to share with you a French book: Women of Martinique: what (hist)story?


The cover is beautiful. The interior is rich with illustrations. More than 80 documents are presented; For the most part, these are original documents: engravings, old postcards, photographs, excerpts from the texts of chroniclers, newspapers, registers of civil status, notarial deeds … Documents are accompanied by explanatory texts which allow contextualisation of historical content.

It speaks of Amerindian women, women of colonial society whether slaves, Free of color or White. It contains the struggles and actions of women since 1848; We discover some portraits of women today. I never tired of going through it.

Created in 2008 by the educational service of the Archives of Martinique, this file has been designed to accompany pedagogical work with school children.

In short, the book is beautiful, it is interesting, it is accessible. If you read French and want to know more about the history of the women of Martinique, read it!

DESCAS-RAVOTEUR Muriel, MARLIN-GODIER Micheline, Femmes de la Martinique : quelle histoire?, Abbeville, Conseil Général de la Martinique, Archives départementales (éd.), 2008, 97p.