Martinica, Women Island , Iguanas Island or flowers Island ?

Caribbean, Caraïbes, 1683

Martinica, women island, iguanas island or flowers island ? I tell you all about Martinique, Matinino, Madinina, Ioünacaera...

« Fatal Passion », Story of a Femicide in Martinique, 18th Century.

I am going to speak to you about a press article which particularly marked me. It would be nowadays tidied up in the sections news stories of France-Antilles; it is nothing more and nothing less only the narrative of a femicide in the 18th century.

The Centenarians of Martinique before 1900

Not long ago, I discovered on Twitter the hashtag #100ansavant1900 (100yearsbefore1900). This is a participatory project launched by Nouvelles branches to identify the centenarians of France prior to the twentieth century.