French Board Games on Caribbean #2

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As I wrote to you previously, I don’t play many board games, but I do appreciate those that aim to make you better acquainted with the Caribbean and its culture. So in 2018, I wrote a post on French board games on the Caribbean.  As this post is one of the most consulted of the blog, I propose to complete the list with the games released in the last two years; it might give you some ideas to have fun while discovering the Caribbean during the festive season.

tanlistwa-jeu-de-société-martinique-et-son-patrimoine-en-jeux-sabine-andrivon-miltonAmong the latest games released is La Martinique au bout des doigts, a game to test and deepen your knowledge of Martinique, which I promptly added in an edition of the first post. It is one of the games created by Sabine Andrivon-Milton. She has since proposed other board games, including the latest one planned for Christmas 2020: La Martinique et son patrimoine en jeux [Martinique and its heritage in games], a board game where « you have to mime, draw, matje and palé kréyol, to hum … ». Sabine Andrivon-Milton is also behind the Martinique quiz, 200 questions divided into 5 categories: fauna-flora-geography, history, personalities, heritage, miscellaneous. She also offers a whole « local » variation of puzzles, games of 9 families, Memory type games.

tanlistwa-quiz-conficulture-celio-mirandeCélio Mirande is a creator at the origin of several series of cultural card games: the « Conficulture ».
Célio Mirande’s « Conficulture«  take the form of thematic quizzes on the Afro world. The series dedicated to Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, and Reunion Island are based on traditions, gastronomy, tourism, or rimèd razyé [use of local medicinal plants]… Célio Mirande has also developed quizzes to (re)discover black heroes and the history of maroons…

tanlistwa-box-yekrik-gregory-ouanaFinally, it is not a board game, but I am a fan of the concept of the French/Creol Yékrik box imagined by Gregory Ouana to discover and understand Caribbean culture through different themes. Each month, the child « discovers the theme through his magazine and touches a Caribbean country with his finger thanks to the educational poster. He sparks his imagination with the Caribbean tale in podcast, available in Guadeloupean and Martiniquan Creole! Our tales are bilingual Creole/French, other online content is available on the site. Icing on the cake, each month the child will carry out a four-handed « experiment » with his parents, in order to establish a link with tradition through the making ». I’m sure the younger ones (3-8 years old) will like it; I would have loved to get this when I was a kid; I’m not far from jealous…

I limited myself once again to games that in my opinion really allow you to learn and enrich your general Caribbean culture, but if you search a little on the web you will find small games that are declined around our regional specificities such as the game of the 7 families « animals of the Caribbean » or the memo « animals of Guadeloupe »
As always, if you know of a general knowledge game about the Caribbean that I missed, please mention it in commentary, I will gladly add it to the list.


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