Bumidom Story : Péyi an nou of Jessica Oublié and Marie-Ange Rousseau

Tanlistwa, bande dessiné, couverture, Péyi an nou, Cover, comics

today, I'm talking to you about comics and French nugget: Péyi an nou, which tells the story of Bumidom and the movement of thousands of French Caribbean people to hexagonal France between 1963 and 1982..

The repeal of the prejudice of colour in the 1830s

Today, I talk to you about the legal prejudice of colour, but above all about its removal; because with it, it is my subject of study that disappears from official documents!

« On an Island where We Confuse Pistachio and Peanut… »

marchande de pistaches, pistachio merchant

"On an island where we confuse pistachio and peanut..." You have probably already read this expression or its variants if you are a reader of the Bondamanjak site. In fact, historically speaking, we don't confuse anything at all; we....