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The e-mail box is like the mailbox; from time to time, a nice surprise is hidden in the middle of the ordinary daily correspondence. A few days ago, I received an email from Yannick Corcessin to announce the release of a new database. So today, I’m going to quickly introduce you to this new resource in French, very useful for researchers and full of perspectives for genealogy in Martinique.

In a previous post, I mentioned Yannick Corcessin, as he is the co-author, with Bernard Dossa, of the book Une lecture du registre matricule des esclaves par la tradition ancestrale africaine…[a reading of the slave  registers by the african ancestral tradition] Their work, which takes as its field of study Le Carbet, Le Morne Vert and Fonds Saint-Denis, shows the possibilities of reconstructing the history of the enslaved ancestors of Martinique by the crossing of historical material in the 19th century. In addition to individual and parish registers, the two authors also relied on the notary’s office of Saint-Pierre (notaries Bally, Baudon, Cairoche, Cicéron, Emerigon, Frigière, Landais, Leblanc, Petit, Spitalier, Touin) in their research. They have thus carried out a partial analysis of the period between 1776 and 1900 (the main part of the notarial acts being from 1776 to 1838) and estimate that they have covered about 10% of the registers of the double minutes (original acts) of Saint-Pierre; this constitutes a base of nearly 10000 acts! You will find in the database the names of the notaries who wrote the acts, the date, the type and the title of the acts as well as the family names of the principal actors; no doubt that this can facilitate the search for references of acts to be consulted in the Archives for your own research themes.
Discover the database « Minutes notariales de Saint-Pierre ».

Association symbole de l’amitié : base de données Minutes notariales de Saint-Pierre.

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