Kanawa, Caribbean Sea Adventures

tanlistwa, kanawa aventures en mer des Caraibes, Caribbean Sea Adventures, 2021, couverture

Today, I'm talking about a bilingual (French/English) book, Kanawa, adventures in the Caribbean Sea which recounts the reconquest of Kalinagos construction and navigation skills and, beyond that, a rich human adventure.

Revisit the Domaine de La Pagerie

Today, through the example of La Pagerie, I would like to talk to you about what goes on behind the scenes of the profession and to show you how scientific research can support museums, historical monuments and other cultural spaces to give meaning to the development of their collections and their heritage.

Database on Slavery in Martinique « Esclavage en Martinique »

tanliswa, visuel de présentation de la base de données esclavage en Martinique

For once, I'm talking about the background of the profession and an ambitious project of Manioc.org that was very close to my heart: a database "Slavery in Martinique".