The Trial of Emilie (1776-1806) in 1806

tanlistwa, 1880, ancienne cuisine de La Pagerie, Trois-Ilets, Martinique

Today, I wanted to share a singular story about the Domaine de La Pagerie: the trial in June 1806 of Émilie, enslaved, for attempted poisoning of his mistress.

La mulâtresse Solitude Between History and Literature

tanlistwa, Statue, La mulâtresse Solitude, Jacky Poulier

This year, I fell in love with André Schwarz-Bart's novel La mulâtresse Solitude. Today, I am talking to you about the Guadeloupean Solitude, a symbol of women's struggle for freedom between history and literature....

Delgrès from History to Music: (Mwen Pwéféré) Mo Jodi !

tanlistwa, delgrès, mémorial, album cover

Today, I would like to summarize the history of an emblematic figure in the tragic struggle against the restoration of slavery in Guadeloupe: Louis Delgrès. Then I take this opportunity to introduce you to Delgrès, the musical trio.