Baptiste, « Noir du Domaine »[Black of the Domain], serving the hospital pharmacy

tanlistwa, courrier, ordonnateur, Baptiste, 1829

Today, I am gathering the elements of the life of Baptiste, an enslaved infirm "old negro" in 1833, who was formerly an apothecary.

Delgrès from History to Music: (Mwen Pwéféré) Mo Jodi !

tanlistwa, delgrès, mémorial, album cover

Today, I would like to summarize the history of an emblematic figure in the tragic struggle against the restoration of slavery in Guadeloupe: Louis Delgrès. Then I take this opportunity to introduce you to Delgrès, the musical trio.

André dit Lucidor (v. 1718-1771), a Life between 3 Continents

Tanlistwa, épéiste, maitre d'arme, fencer

After the portrait of his daughter Marie-Thérèse, I speak to you today of André dit Lucidor (c. 1718-1771) born in Africa, slave in Martinique and swordsmanship in Paris.